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Esther Batchelor

My family has always used their own homemade products from ingredients in our backyard

I am originally from the Caribbean. I grew up in a very large family and most of us lived under the same roof. As a child, I always loved watching my grandma and the women in my family making facial and hair products from herbs and vegetables she grew in her garden. We had a big house and we hosted lots of family events and weddings at our house. And I remember, the night before every event my grandma and my aunties would go into the yard and pick up vegetables, herbs, carrots, avocado, coconuts, olive oil, and lemon to name a few. I watched them make a paste from what they picked up and put the paste on their faces, hair, and body. They would keep it on overnight before the wedding. It was a ritual for them. When they take the mask off, their skin was radiant. I was always shocked by the results. Sometimes they would even use various pastes for rashes or their skin as well.

As a teenager, we moved to the United States. Over time I discovered that many of my family members have developed skin issues or allergic reactions. One day my cousin came asking for help. She knew I liked making soaps and natural products at home, just like my grandma and aunties used to. It was something I liked to do as a hobby for my children and my husband.

She was so excited about what I made for her, she told all of her friends about me. She said, “cousin, you need to sell these. These products are really good”. I remember being upset with her at first. At the time I wasn’t even thinking about business, I just liked helping people. I wasn’t ready to be in business. But she knew I had a gift and wanted to spread the word. It didn’t take long for all of her friends to start ordering their own products too.

I thought, if I am able to help one person with their skin and hair, I have done my job. They all liked it so much, that I decided to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps and started Totally Natu-Real, a company that creates natural beauty, hair, and skincare solutions for men and women. All of my products are natural, home-made, and made only from what nature provides, just like my family has done for many generations. 

Esther batchelor

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