Original Yoni Vaginal Steam


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Vaginal steaming is a holistic approach to personal care using herbal therapy to clean the vagina, enhance its functions and revitalize the uterus. The steam works by softening up the vaginal tissue which in turn leaves the pores of the outer lips open as a pathway leading the moist steam through the vaginal canal and the cervix into the uterus and its surrounding lining releasing all the bad bacteria and stagnant  blood that may have built up in the uterine membrane.

Pour Yoni Steams contains 12 different organic herbs that may be used to:

  • Help tone and tightened the uterus and the vaginal walls after childbirth
  • Eliminate foul odor after the cycle by clear the vaginal canal of the old brown blood and material left behind that need to be releases.
  • Regulate the menses and reduce cramps by increasing circulation and blood flow.
  • Help to prevent common infection such as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection that causes itching and “fishy” smelling discharge.
  • Relieve vaginal dryness caused by the hormonal changes which is common during menopause.

6 sessions, 3 Sessions, 1 Session, 1 Steaming Session, 3 Steaming Sessions, 7 Steaming Sessions


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