Super Gentle Detoxifying Moroccan Clay Mask (8 oz)

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This MIRACLE facial mask works like MAGIC!

It deeply detoxifies your skin, cleanses your face, unclogs your pores, helps clear your skin, tightens up your skin, clears acne, get rid of impurities¬† and gives it that overall healthy glow… INSTANTLY!!!!

1 review for Super Gentle Detoxifying Moroccan Clay Mask (8 oz)

  1. Natasha W.

    I love this product line. I feel like the Detoxifying Moroccan mask was made for me! My dark pigmentation has reduced dramatically and my skin is smooth, glowy and even. My hubby lives by the cocoa oat shea exfoliating body bar. As a person who suffers from eczema this soap alleviates and soothes his skin. All natural products, amazing service and real results… you can NOT go wrong!

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